Ben Rothman

WordPress Developer / UI Designer

who am i

I am Ben Rothman, a WordPress Developer in an IT position. I started using WordPress in school, and then after school I began building websites using various technologies for clients. After I learned how great WordPress is, I started freelancing and only accepting clients who used or wanted to use WordPress. I make plugins, custom themes and maintain pre-existing WordPress websites learning what the previous developer(s) did so that I can make changes and add to the websites.

Check out my portfolio by clicking the ‘View Portfolio’ link above, or download my resume by clicking the ‘Download Resume’ button below.

about my (WordPress) work

My work can be split into two categories:

1. I design WordPress websites from scratch and write code to build them.
2. I maintain existing WordPress websites and provide code fixes customized to address the needs of each client.

Some of the sites I design from the start and then build myself and the other sites were made by someone else before me so I fix those sites up, add new features or troubleshoot any problems the websites may have.

I am passionate about WordPress development and am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and improve my craft. I like to travel to conventions and meetings around the country to see what other WordPressers are doing.

Below is a rotating carousel of my past work. There is also a Portfolio page that is best if you want to quickly view a specific project.

my portfolio

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