WC Boston 2017

I just got back from WordCamp Boston 2017 which was a lot of fun.  My aunt and uncle lived near the venue, so in addition to traveling and attending an interesting conference, I got to visit and stay with family.

I saw many talks at the conference, but I saw a particularly good talk about WP-CLI by Ryan Kanner called, “Take back the day with WP-CLI“.  The talk detailed several common scenarios where clients or bosses asked him to perform the same simple task on 100 websites and how WP-CLI can and did help him do that in a matter of seconds rather than a few hours.

This was an especially fun Wordcamp for me for two reasons:
1) My family lives near Boston, so I was able to visit and stay with them while on this trip and since I do not see them very often it was great to see everyone. They had a barbecue while I was there and the steaks were very good.
2) I went to BU for a year, so it was fun to be back in the same building I was in so many times back then.

The conference itself was interesting.  There were a few interesting talks on the REST API and when to use it.  I am interested by that topic, and always find it fun and feel very accomplished when I use the REST API and AJAX in my code.