Add this to your theme’s functions.php file:

get the slug by inspecting the button and using the part in the id after “wp-admin-bar-“

Add this to your themes functions.php file:



(string) (required) The slug of the menu (typically the name of the PHP script for the built in menu items; example: edit-comments.php)

Default: None



Uninstall Laravel Valet

Uninstall valet using composer (asssuming you installed valet with composer in the first place)
$ composer global remove laravel/valet

You must now uninstall the dependencies installed with the Homebrew.  To see what is installed by Brew, run:

dnsmasq and php7X are dependencies, so if you want to fully uninstall everything that is and is used by valet, you may want to uninstall these two packages too:


Then go to your user directory and delete the .valet hidden directory or run the terminal command like so:

Upgrade Valet

If you already have an older version of valet:

$ valet stop

$ valet uninstall

To install the new version:
$ valet install
Restart MySQL:
$ sudo mysql.server start

How to Update Version of php on local machine using Brew

  1. First, update Homebrew:

$ brew update

2. unlink the current version of phpp being used by your local machine

$ brew unlink php7X

3. Download your chosen version of php using Homebrew

$ brew install php7X

That was it! Confirm you have successfully installed and linked the new version of php by running

$ php -v

Wordcamp US 2017

This year Wordcamp US was held in Nashville, TN.  I had never been to Nashville before this Wordcamp, and let me just say that it is awesome.  I have been to a few Wordcamp USs but this was by far my favorite one.

I had the Nashville hot chicken, went to a bar/restaurant on the mini-strip (Broadway St.) and saw some awesome things at museums in Nashville.  Most important about my trip to WCUS was the WordPress.  I love talking about it, and I had the privilege of seeing some great speeches and coding with my friends from the WordPress community.

My return flight was too early, I would have wanted to stay for longer on the last day because I had to run out on my friend Paul Barthmaier in the middle of writing some code.

WordPress 4.9 “Tipton”

What’s new in 4.9?

  • Major Customizer Improvements, Code Error Checking, and More! 🎉
  • Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations
  • Collaborate with Design Preview Links – send a client a link to showing the new customizations before you go live with them!
  • Design Locking Guards Your Changes – Customizer changes cannot be overwritten by another designer
  • Syntax Highlighting and Error Checking
  • New Gallery Widget
  • Preview new themes from the customizer

Add this text to a plugin file or your theme’s functions file and then change the ’18’ to the id of the category of products you want to apply the filter to.

$my_product_array = array( 799,796,792 );//add in product IDs
if ( in_array( $product_id, $my_product_array )) {
$textafter = '( Upfront Paid in Full Price )'; //add your text
return $price . '
' . $textafter . '';
}else {
return $price;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_price_html', 'themeprefix_custom_price_message' );