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Millenium Technology

This is a website that I designed and developed in WordPress using photoshop and Illustrator to create the mockups and then PHP to create the interface.  This was an especially fun project because it required me to make a custom plugin in order for me to create that easy update interface that is the trademark…

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The Royal Check out my designs for the royal, which I also coded using bootstrap and WordPress.  The site had a responsive interface which was made easily using bootstrap and the store was  a woocommerce store.

Generate NYC 2016

Here at Generate NYC testing the waters, I’ve never come to Generate before.  This conference is all about the design of websites and inspiration of new technology.  There are a lot of cool things here on all different topics.  Some talks were about the usability of websites, others were about the mechanics of adding certain effects…

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bliQ Web App

One of my clients made a web app called “bliQ” and I was given the task of designing and writing the HTML/CSS for a few of the output screens.  I won’t get into the details of the many things the app can do, but among those things are advise consumers on which product to purchase…

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