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Millenium Technology

This is a website that I designed and developed in WordPress using photoshop and Illustrator to create the mockups and then PHP to create the interface.  This was an especially fun project because it required me to make a custom plugin in order for me to create that easy update interface that is the trademark…

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WC Boston 2017

I just got back from WordCamp Boston 2017 which was a lot of fun.  My aunt and uncle lived near the venue, so in addition to traveling and attending an interesting conference, I got to visit and stay with family. I saw many talks at the conference, but I saw a particularly good talk about…

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Development Tools

The work of any developer is going to be improved or hurt by the tools they are using.  As my grandfather used to say, “you need the right tool for the job” and I think that simple but wise statement applies to development tools as well as construction equipment.  I will take you through explain…

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Local Weather Page

I created a web page that will get the weather withe the OpenWeatherMap API.  The page will display various different weather stats for the weather at the zipcode you put in.  In addition to the changing weather stats, there are also a few other surprises, test the web app at:

Use Slack

Slack is a great way for any team or business to communicate. Slack allows you to chat with a single person or a team to give notes, links or images. Slack is free to use online or you can download the desktop application aswell for the same functionality. To use the application effectively, all members…

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